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I made brownies yesterday evening.  It gave me the opportunity to use the nice semi-sweet chocolate and Valrhona cocoa powder I bought from my bulk club during the winter months.  The cocoa powder is good for making hot chocolate and truffles... neither of which I've ever made.

Thursday night I watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I was really disappointed in it.  I know they had to cut stuff to fit into 2 hours.  But couldn't they have shown a scene or two with her original guardian or more of Blomkvist's trysts? The characters are rather important in the books.  Or at least 2 of them are.  I saw I Am Love on Friday night.  The theater was crowded... almost sold out.

I posted my first story to my flash fiction critique group.  Thank goodness I got more feedback than the writing was sound but had no style.  Some of the imagery was good... it had the complete package of beginning, middle and end... and two places where it got confusing.  Those were helpful comments and is something I can work with.
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