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It's school time again.  It completely took me by surprise but not Sammy.  He's nervous again on our morning walks.  Scary buses!

Under one of my eyes was a mole or something that's been there for the last 20 so years.  I had it removed on Tuesday.  The stitches are starting to itch a little.  She said it lent itself to a horizontal cut but she went vertical so my eyelid wouldn't be pulled down.  It's a good thing I came home directly after the surgery.  The novacaine was beginning to wear off and make my face twitch a lot. Someone across the room would think I was a really bad winker.

This week we got rid of Greencine and got a Netflix account.  While we liked the variety of Greencine and the really long queue list, it didn't seem like they were keeping up with technology.  Now we'll be able to stream blu-ray movies to our PS3 or watch the DVD.  So far we can say the turnaround time is faster on the DVD returns.

My co-worker has been gone since the 13th.  She was due to give birth on the 19th but the baby is taking her sweet time getting here.  I've not been stressing out about the extra work and some of the people in our department have been stepping up to help.

I'm reading The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer right now.  It's a dense meal.  It is supposed to be about 3 brothers but I'm halfway through and have mostly only read about one.  I hope the rest of the book doesn't get rushed.
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