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September Slacking

I've been a slacker this month so I'm procrastinating writing up some book reviews.

Yesterday a notice came in the mail stating my health insurance was being billed $3001 for the MRI I had to see if a gallstone was stuck in my bile duct. Was the $1 what happened when the total was rounded up?

I've read something like 4 books and seen 4 movies while my husband's been at a film festival. It's been weird being on a different schedule than normal.

On Monday morning when I got to my car I found a completely flat tire. AAA was here in an hour and I took it the car to the tire store. Found out the tires are the originals from 2003 and all needed to be replaced. I said I'd get one and get the other 3 after I got paid. While doing a visual inspection they said the brakes are bad.

I drove to and from work that day. And the car has been in the garage ever since.

The car is King in Columbus. It seems like once a year some unfortunate bicyclist is killed while on their bike. The bus doesn't go out to the suburbs unless it's a line to a mall. And cabs have their place but can be expensive. I haven't ridden the bus since high school but changed that this week.

I rode the bus to work yesterday and today and took it home yesterday. In general, the perceptions about bus riders are: (1) you don't have a license, (2) can't afford a car, (3) are a student. When I arrived at the bus stop yesterday I was with one of the 2008 Columbus Alive People to Watch. The ride to work was uneventful. I didn't pull the little wire thingie telling the bus to stop hard enough so I went past my stop by 3 stops. I didn't mind.

At some of the stops you can send a text with the stop # and you'll get a text back with the expected bus # and arrival time. When I left work I did this just as a bus came up. Instead of the #2 I got on the #5. The bus driver was helpful and I ended up being with her at the end of that part of her route. She had to idle the bus for about 20 minutes. She explained after 5:30pm she didn't normally have a lot of passengers so it was easy to show up early at her stops so she had to wait. Makes sense to me. I told her about texting the stop # and we got to talking about kids with cell phones which turned into her telling me stories about growing up in Cleveland.

She was the baby, she had an older brother and her oldest sibling was a girl. Bus Driver always had her hair in two crooked pig tails (because her mom was in a hurry to get to work in the mornings) but on picture day it was put into a bun. So she has years of school pictures with the buns. The sister was built and curvy when the song "Brick House" came out so was always under her mom's thumb. Their dad died so it was just her mom who worked a lot. She was a tom boy with no curves at all. So she got to wear the halter tops while her sister was forbidden to wear them. Their mother was so worried about her getting pregnant and at age 51 she's married with no kids. Meanwhile, the bus driver used to sneak out of the house to go to parties where she drank, smoked weed and met boys. At 12 she was stealing the car. The house was on a hill and she'd sneak out of the bedroom she shared with her sister, put the car in neutral to let it roll down backwards down the hill and then start it when she got to the bottom. During the winter she'd have to drive back up the same tracks to make it look like the car was never gone.

So she became a bus driver. Her brother, who used to tell her, "I'll give you two choices. You can jump off this roof to get to the ground or I can push you. Which is is going to be?" became a minister. Part of me was worried she was going to be talking to me so much she was going to hit a car or something.

The bus driver let me off at a corner and told me to get the bus on the other side of the street. It was a busy bus and wouldn't be long in coming to get me. According to the text message I was going to have to wait 40 minutes but ended up waiting 20. At one point there was a woman with a stroller who got on with her friend/boyfriend who had a bike. He seemed drunk. And he couldn't figure out how to get the arm on the front of the bus down to hold his bike securely. Let me tell you... no one wanted to sit around those two. Some people even changed seats.

This morning I was late and saw the same 2008 Columbus Alive People to Watch person leaning against the bus stop. I was about 50 yards away when the bus got there so I just waited on the next one. Today I was wearing a dress so I felt overdressed. I wore tennis shoes and had my dress ones in my backpack. One guy had already done his grocery shopping and it was 8:30am. How early did he get there?

I didn't take the bus home tonight. It was meat CSA pick-up day. 1 chicken, some ground lamb, pork chops, and smoked ham were waiting for me. My in-laws picked me up and took me otherwise I would have never made it.

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