dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

It Officially Feels Like Autumn

The past two years I’ve spent part of my autumn at Top Sail Beach, North Carolina with extended family.  Each time upon my return it seemed fall was really here.

Two days ago it was 90 degrees.  Today is the day when it really feels like autumn for me.  I woke up to rain which made me fall back asleep.  Even the Resident Corgi wasn’t stirring much.  When we finally made it out, the Resident Corgi was missing the spring in his step… the spring that makes him splash into the puddles.

It’s about 58 degrees out right now.  I’m blogging in my fleece pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate beside me.  The garage gutters are full of leaves and branches from the corkscrew willow tree.  I can’t seem to get warm enough and it’s not even close to winter yet. 

Let’s hope this is a mild winter.

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