dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Can't Remember the Day

I kept hoping it would fall through but no such luck. So I went to Wisconsin with my boss for two days.

The windstorms from Chicago made a bumpy airplane ride getting there. My seatmate reminded me of an old family friend. She was a student on her way to a job interview.

After landing the Avis people told us our company sucked and wanted to give us a minivan which my boss refused. We ended up with an Equinnox. It didn't feel like an obnoxious SUV.

Had to drive to Appleton then drive back to Milwaukee. I had a giant pretzel at Mader's and a Usinger brat at Water Street Brewery. Hotel was nice. I chickened out and didn't ask where the pool was. But my prescription swim goggles seemed to work fine in the shower.

Tuesday was another meeting. Met my best friend who lives in Milwaukee for lunch and then flew home. The flight was better.

And I don't have to return to work until Monday.

Yesterday I hung out around the house and sat with the neighbors to pass out candy. Sammy wiggled his butt each time I talked to or looked at him. I think he missed me.

Today I've spent most of my time at the World Fantasy Convention. I know one person here but haven't seen him yet. I keep thinking today is Saturday.

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