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My Insurance Agent Rocks!!!!

What I didn't get to tell you yesterday is that my insurance agent rocks! While reviewing our life insurance policy, we talked about how we'd like to buy a home. The three of us had talked about it 8 or 9 years ago when we first went to him. We've been referring people to him the entire time we've been with him. His staff always takes care of us. He's personable and only a year or two older than us. He mentioned that it might be to our advantage to consolidate our retirement savings into an IRA account. With a Roth IRA account, you can take out $10,000 for the down payment on a new home with no penalty. Of course, we'd have to pay taxes on the amount we put into the account, so we're just doing the paperwork to figure out how much money we have to put in there and what the taxes will be. I feel kind of stupid because earlier this week I threw out my Merrill Lynch information from my present employer. Because I'm still with them, I'm not sure if it can be converted or not.

Tonight we are going to watch Goodbye, Dragon Inn and Overnight. It should be a fun evening. I'm not sure what we'll do after that.

Tomorrow afternoon we're playing poker with my husband's family. That's why I've been playing online a few times the last few weeks. I don't want to get rusty and not win any money.

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