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Fun Weekend

Friday I was able to leave work early to make my final meat CSA pick-up. I had to reorganize the freezer but everything fit.  I said no to another rabbit since I knew there was at least one more in the freezer.  My last rabbit meal was not a success.  I hung out, took a nap and just got started writing when my husband came home.

Saturday I took Sammy to his annual vet appointment. He needs a tooth cleaning and one of the teeth may need to come out.  He's going in on Thursday to have that done. After bringing him home, I left again to fill my gas tank and get lunch. Then I had to make it to the salon for eyebrow waxing and was back home. I wasn't home for long before it was nap time. And that lasted until about 5pm.  Had to get ready for husband's big party at work. We were going to stay about an hour but we ended up staying there for five. I had "The 21" drink special and two glasses of champagne before I switched to a glass of coke. Probably the best conversation of the night was chatting with an artist and his (artist) wife. Now I want to have a character that's a studio manager for an artist. Probably for a short story or novel that's not urban fantasy.  

Today was spent being lazy. I never got out of my pajamas. I realized I completely blanked on last year's NaNo.  It was about a guy who becomes a superhero with a corgi for his sidekick. The last third I spent complaining about work situations.  Three Girls, a Corgi and a Dead Body was actually my 2008 novel.  Here's the one word sentence I used to describe it "Jules defends her home from an intruder, begins to receive emails from her dead husband, and finds out she's supposed to help save the world." It's a good sentence to keep me on track.

My word count finally went above 5k (5523) so I've earned my NaNoWriMo t-shirt.  It's still in the package.  I was saying to myself that I couldn't go to the Lisa Scottoline reading and signing until I reached 10k.  (The signing is on Wednesday night.)  I have to keep on writing!
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