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Drugged Snuggle Bunny

Thursday I took Sammy to the vet for a dental cleaning and a possible extraction.  Turns out he didn't need anything extra so that made everyone (and the bank account) happy.

Because my husband had the day off for the Veteran's Day holiday, he picked Sammy up.  I heard stories of Sammy leaning against things, not having his legs respond like they normally do when he jumps, staring at a treat like it was a piece of paper, and only getting his head and shoulders underneath the couch.  When I got home, he only wanted me.  To sit on me. To lean on me. To lie on me. You get the idea.

He would stand, I would pet him, and his rear legs would slowly sink down almost into a sitting position. Then he'd catch himself and stand back up only to repeat this all over again.

When I was in the office, he wouldn't curl up around me on the chair.  He had to lie straight on my leg.  It almost fell asleep under his weight.  Thursday night when I put him on our bed he didn't move at all.  It was so long between breaths that I was really worried.  When my husband came to bed, Sammy lifted his head and that was it. 

Friday morning he was walking around a little bit on  his own but he didn't want to come down the stairs with me. So I tried to leave him behind in the bedroom but he whined for me.  It was a little but heartbreaking to see him so out of it as it reminded me a little bit of when we had to say goodbye to Zilla.

Sammy's not a whiner like Zilla was.  He gets mad and barks.  Or he gets excited and barks.  So I know he still wasn't feeling well.  He's silent and/or whines when he doesn't feel well.  I don't think he barked until this morning.  I guess my little independent guy likes me after all.
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