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The case of the missing toenail

Last Sunday my husband prepared to take Sammy on his morning walk.  Sammy jumps when he gets excited.  And this day was no exception. 

The odd event was my husband asking me to come help.  I see Sammy repeatedly jumping up and down and blood flying everywhere.  He jumped on his Galileo bone and broke a nail on his right rear leg.  I'm normally not squeamish but seeing his nail at a wrong angle nearly made my stomach turn.  I yanked it off which made more blood fly everywhere. 

Sammy went for his walk and left little dots of blood in the snow.

Our solution was for my husband to go to the pet store for that powder that stops bleeding when the quick is cut.  I kept Sammy quiet and applied pressure to his toe.  It was difficult to keep him in the entry hallway. 

When husband returned we put on the powder and I attempted to bandage and tape up his foot.  The first aid tape (not the stretchy kind but the paper kind) didn't have a firm grip on him and fell right off. 

Later in the day we ran some errands.  While at JoAnns picking up velcro I saw some cute socks at the check-out.  So I bought Sammy his own Love Monkey socks for $1.  Once home, I attempted to put his foot in the sock and tape it tight at the top.  I think he flung his foot around a few times and it came right off. 

We had a lot of laughs about that bandage and the sock.

This week he's been really licking that foot so I took him to the vet yesterday.  Those ladies love him.  And honestly, he loves them right back.  In the past, I've only seen Sammy wiggle his butt and tail when my husband and I speak.  Any of those ladies talked to him and he listened and wiggled.  He received countless treats. 

The total bill was just over $93.  They shaved all of the hair off that toe and washed it with antiseptic.  Because he helped while they were cleaning him up she thought he was in pain but trying not to show it.  So he got a  week's worth of antibiotics and a week or two of pain pills.  The pain pills are supposed to make him sleepy.

Afterwards, the receptionist joked he had a harem in the office.



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Jan. 30th, 2011 09:11 am (UTC)
Aw, poor Sammy! That sounds painful. I'm glad he likes his vet and the ladies there, though. (Ein does too, he goes into super happy mode when he sees Davine.)

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