dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Ice Storm

So far we've been managing okay. Yesterday I took Sammy for his walk but it wasn't entirely successful. I walked on the iced over snow and he skidded down the sidewalk. He peed a lot but could never find a good patch to do the rest.

I decided if I was ice skating in my boots I should not drive to work. So I stayed home and had no motivation to do more than watch bad tv.

The ice on our crabapple tree has completely melted. A squirrel just tried to grab a frozen fruit from it.

Lots of tree branches fell and took out the cable line that feeds directly into our house. My car is now trapped inside the garage. I will have to go to work today. My boss had a death in the family (unrelated to the weather) so he needs to go out of town.

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