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I can't believe it's Saturday and half of May is (nearly) gone already.

I strugged this week with technology.  My desktop is slow.  There were a few days when we had bad storms last month that I completely cut off the power to it.  When I turned it on again I was asked to configure the CPU speed and I picked the lower of the two which probably wasn't right.  And it seems whenever I have the desktop on now that neither of the laptops stay online.  That's something new I haven't figured out yet.

But I did (after many attempts at downloading the windows software that I was trying to get) get LJArchive to work again.  A few months back I removed all the old versions of .net from the desktop and while doing research I found LJArchive needs it to run.  Oops!  So I have a back-up of my journal once again.

Slept in until 9am today. Goofed off a little bit before taking my shower.  Skipped breakfast and went to O'Reilly's for a pepper burger. Then went to see Bridesmaids.  Loved it! Came home where I pruned some of the St. John's Wort.

I am still struggling with technology a bit.  That whole internet connection thing is keeping me from being able to download the new iphone software. And the flash drive that has all my writing from something like 2005 to 2010 on it has gone missing somewhere in the office.  I was using it in conjunction with an editing workshop I was doing and it filled up. And it had the novel I'm supposed to be rewriting on it.  So I'm  not always making my 100+ words Monday - Friday because I feel like I'm bobbing along with no direction.

Vacation is coming up soon and that will be fun.  And relaxing to get away from work and everything for a bit.
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