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NY Vacation Day 1

Everyone had to get up early - even Sammy. The flight to New York was good. A few rows in front of us was a couple that decided to change their seats. The man said, "We're together but we're not together." The flight attendant commented, "I get it - you're together but not socially together." I like the way she put it.

Husband and I each got water and she put them both on my seat tray. I said, "I bet you can tell we're together together." And she said, "Oh yes. And I must say you go together very nicely. I see some couples and wonder how they ever thought being together was a good idea."

The hotel is in Koreatown which has some 24 hour places. The price was reasonable but the only thing available was a smoking room. I haven't been around this much stale smoke since I was living at home my last year of college.

Had lunch by Rockefeller Center at Bouchon Bakery. It's not been open long. I had the slow roasted pork sandwich and a chocolate bouchon. Husband had a ham and cheese sandwich with a bacon & cheddar scone. We ate at one of the outdoor tables. Birdies kept flying by to get crumbs and husband felt the backdraft of one by his ear.

We went to see Jerusalem on Broadway. On the way I found a street vendor selling honey roasted nuts. I discovered how good they were on our last NY trip before my Crohn's diagnosis and now I can eat them again.

During the intermission I saw someone so unexpected I nearly squealed. Instead I hit my husband a few times on the shoulder and he didn't know if he was supposed to look or not. Ralph Fiennes!! I have thought on occasion he was handsome. But walking by me within arm's length? He is way more handsome than I ever thought.

His seat was on the other side of the theater. Behind us was an interesting conversation during intermission. The woman said she was desperate for money and was selling her DVDs and other things on eBay. She wanted to go out of town this summer but she couldn't let herself think about it. She said she was depressed about being poor. Her friend wished he had her problem because he hated being rich. And he suggested since she was cleaning out her apartment to try an online site to house swap for the summer. She replied she doesn't have enough for rent but would look at the site. I'm guessing he bought their tickets - the matinee we went to was close to $100 a seat. (Of course we didn't pay that much - I got a discount through work.)

Stopped on way back to hotel to get room deodorizer. Took a nap. Sprayed curtains, rug, etc. With deodorizer. Went to get dinner while husband was with friends so I got lost and made it to the restaurant I wanted after they closed. But the manager was nice.

Ate dinner at food gallery across the street from the hotel. The clientele was mostly Asian and I felt a little out of place. Nearly everyone was eating Red Mango while I had regular food.

Heard some commotion going on for a long time outside. Someone was yelling but I don't know what.

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