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NY Vacation Day 2

Each trip to New York we go through the galleries in Chelsea.  Day 2 was the day for it.  No shock - there was a wide variety of art being shown.  From Jack Smith, the King of Camp, to Pablo Picasso, the King of Angles. 

Lunch was very pleasant at Collichio and Sons.  They have a fixed price lunch for $25 per person which includes three courses.  Husband had the bone marrow (lovely!), rabbit sausage/asaparagus/ricotta pizza and three sorbet. I had the fatty tuna, flatiron steak and zeppole with banana malt ice cream. The wine rack was something out of a French movie... it took up walls of the restaurant.

When it came time for ordering dessert I was overwhelmed with emotion. I feel so lucky and blessed to have my best friend as my life partner and to make this trip to NYC with him.

We walked (section 1) of the High Line, took a nap, and then went out for The House of the Blue Leaves.  I've nearly come to the decision I need to give away my black dress flats. Two nights I've worn them and two nights I've walked like an old lady. (I'm not counting the 3rd night in DC because that was just a lot of walking and probably would've happened in any pair of shoes I was wearing.)

I had heard it was a dark comedy but that was really all I knew. Jennifer Jason Leigh was cute. Ben Stiller was versatile. Edie Falco was amazing with a nuanced/subtle performance. Alison Pill was adorable. We were in the first row of the mezzanine in the Walter Kerr Theater. It was on a slope and really created a sense of vertigo.

For dinner we went to Shake Shack. I was not wild about the crinkle cut fries but the burger and strawberry milkshake were good.
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