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Tech issues

The desktop I built about 8 years ago has gotten slower in the last 2 years. In the last 3 months it will kick off any laptops connected to the network.

After looking into it, more memory was the way to go. I wanted to upgrade from 512mb pc2700 to 1gb pc2700. Just a simple remove old memory and add new memory, right?

First error message it didn't recognize the memory.
Next the CPU failed error.
Then I swapped out the memory to the old and it was fine.
Then I put the old and new in which gave me a keyboard error.
Fixed that and then I got an overclocking error.
So I went back to the original memory while I figure out what to do next.

The motherboard can handle 3gig total of memory. Part of me wants to throw up my hands and get a new motherboard, processor and memory but it seems like the money can be used elsewhere and a memory upgrade isn't even a hundred dollars.


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