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Today was one of those days where it just flew by without any notice.

I got up early to watch some TrueBlood and get to work early. Nope! I had someone out on Friday to regrout our mortar and it didn't get finished so he came back today around 8am to see what I thought of the work so far. Headed off to get breakfast on the way to work around 8:20am.

Then the morning flew by. "Let me do one more thing before lunch" syndrome. And it was just after 1pm when I went to Wendy's to get lunch for me and a co-worker.

Then the next thing I know, it's 5pm. And I had to finish my mid-year performance review before I left at 5:30pm.

Next was a trip to the grocery store. We needed dinner and husband needed two things - soda and white vinegar. I knew what the soda was for but the white vinegar was a mystery. I didn't ask.Ordered a huge cookie for co-worker's birthday, finished shopping and then went home.

Sammy had another eye surgery today. The indolent ulcer expanded from his cornea to the white part of his eyeball. They numbed him up and did it right then. I wasn't there but I was told he was a champion and was on his (almost) best behavior. He barked once at an older dog who was breathing heavy. I get to take him back in two weeks for a check-up. So more cone and more medicine. And this time he got an eye contact!

Put the groceries away, looked through the mail, made dinner (open faced sirloin burgers, corn on the cob and strawberries), watched some tv shows (Louie and Curb Your Enthusiasim), and gave Sammy more medicine. Somewhere in there was a MAC support call from my mother. And I was pretty much clueless and didn't fix her problem but she felt good afterwards anyway.

So that was my Monday. Gotta get up early again tomorrow. Contractor back in the morning to get paid and make sure I like the work he did. We have some crumbling steps and he offered to do a temporary fix on them to get us through until next summer when we plan on getting the entire thing redone.
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