dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Random Thoughts

Today was pretty boring at work. Some of our stuff didn't work so it was a lot of sitting around answering emails and doing what we could. I got to leave work a little early (the office officially closed at 3pm but I was there until almost 4pm).

I went to Target to get a toilet brush and walked out with a toilet brush, steel measuring spoons, off! clipon refills, grass seed/weed killer and a hand soap refill. On the way out I saw the canning supplies I'd been looking for last month. My hands were full so I didn't stop.

I'm watching Lagerfeld Confidential and I'm not enjoying it much. I didn't realize he was based in Franch and speaks it fluently. I guess I thought he lived in Germany still.

I'm going to be doing house stuff this weekend to get it ready for a guest. For example, the roman shades in the guest bedroom are in tatters. The fabric wasn't strong enough to handle the sun.
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