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Attack of the Flies

Today has been working around the house day.

General cleaning. Husband put up wood plantation blinds in the guest bedroom. I had to make a trip to the hardware store to buy a drill and screw bits for him.

For some reason, three times today, nearly a dozen flies got trapped between our back door and the screen door. Husband would let them out but of course some would fly into the house. I killed three and the others escaped with their lives.

I guess one thing that's considered mine to take care of is the pond. Husband will fill it up with water but that's about it. I'm the one that replaces the stones around it, does the weeding, etc. One ongoing chore when the water isn't flowing well is to remove and clean out the filter. I finally (after 4 summers here) found somewhere to buy new filters. Let me tell you.... the old ones were brown and light grey. The brand new ones are white and black. I have no idea when someone last changed them. When we moved in, the old owner left us some liquid barley straw. It seems expensive ($9 for six ounces) so I've tried barley straw bundles and other things that haven't worked so well. I'm back to the liquid barley straw but I bought it in bulk to save some money.