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Happy Saturday

I was totally taken for $40. Kid in his 20s came by asking if he could weed or mow the lawn. Another kid mowed our lawn the other week. (He's done it before but this guy was new.)

So I told him we could use some weeding. So he did a quick perusal and said it would be over $30. I said I could do $40 so I got him the bags. And he talked my ear off for almost 10 minutes about how he's trained in tile work but there aren't any contract jobs. And his dad was let go from a local hospital and hadn't found work yet. And how the IMF was leading us into an Orwellian society and so forth.

I escaped and hung out with Sammy. When he was done I paid him and I was a little disappointed that my $40 only yielded half a bag and 40 minutes of work.

Rocco wants to work for us again but I don't think that's going to happen. He's pleasant but if he did that kind of a job (and didn't come prepared) I don't think I want him redoing my driveway.

The really funny part was Sammy was trying to weed the patio in front of him. :)

Hopefully the money will help Rocco out.

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