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Do you ever feel like items are just doomed to become lost when they are in your possession?

For instance, I lost an opal necklace one of my uncle's bought me when he was in New Zealand. He bought one for me, my grandmother and my two aunts. I either lost it while babysitting down the street or I took it off and placed it in a zippered pocket in my clothes bag and it fell out somehow. This was around 8th grade. When I was in college, a good friend of mine from Hong Kong returned from Christmas break with a silver chain necklace for me with a jade coin on it. It was a present from her mother, whom I had never met. It is supposed to bring good luck. Right around the time I started dating my husband I lost it. The only time I took it off was in my bedroom and no one has found it. Here is a strange one: I'm constantly losing clothes. I don't go to a gym. I don't keep extra clothes at work or in my car. We've always had a washer and dryer of our own. Somehow in this two-bedroom apartment I lose clothes! While I was cleaning this summer, I found three of my favorite, most professional looking skirts. They were in a storage box that my mother packed when she stayed here... four years ago. Today's missing items would be my writing pads. I write my stories in long hand and I had an essay about Buckeyes I wanted to revise and post for my writing group.