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NY Vacation Day 2

We ate our complimentary breakfast at the hotel. I noticed the smell I associate with New York... sour, unwashed bodies. I didn't think it was me but it can be difficult to tell.

This day involved some walking. We went to the Chelsea area and went to several of the galleries. Saw some new work from Jasper John's in shrinky-dink, metal and wood. I'm so used to seeing his stuff in museums I didn't realize he was still alive. One really interesting show was "Picasso and Marie-Thérèse: L'amour Fou," at New York's Gagosian Gallery. Curated by his granddaughter, it featured works around her grandmother. It included paintings, drawings and a few photos.

Lunch was at Colicchio & Sons (Tap Room). At $25 a person it was a steal. Husband got the roasted bone marrow for an appetizer with a main course of rabbit sausage, ricotta and asparagus pizza. His dessert was the sorbet selection. My appetizer was the fatty tuna with microgreens and the main course was the flatiron beef. Dessert was zeppole with malted milk ice cream and butterscotch sauce. My seat looked out over the park next door.

We walked over to the High Line. Section 2 wasn't open yet. I tried taking closeups of the flowers with the zoom on my camera. And I tried to get a bee in one of them.

My feet were killing me yet I somehow managed to make it to The Walter Kerr Theater for a star studded performance of The House of Blue Leaves. In the play was Ben Stiller, Edie Falco, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Alison Pill. We were on the second floor in the first row. The slope on the railing was crazy! It was one of those times I was completely discouraged from getting up and going somewhere during the intermission even if it was to just stretch my legs. I'm sure there were some famous people in the audience too but I didn't notice them.

We ate dinner afterwards at the Shake Shack. At 10:30pm on a Thursday night they were really busy. The food was decent. One reason for the crowding was people ordering their food to go but eating it there.

On the way back to the hotel, my husband hired a pedicab to take us back. It was funny watching our person race against the others to get to lights and slip through lights. The driver/operator took a photo of us at one of the red lights. It's so cute - I'd like to use it on our holiday cards this year.

Even with raw heals and sore feet it was a good day.
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