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National Honor Flight

Last month we received word Grandpa was chosen to be on an Honor Flight to Washington, DC to view the WWII memorial and return home. It's only available for WWII Veterans. To be honest, I never knew he was in WWII. For some reason, I always thought he was in the Korean War. My husband recalled hearing his grandfather got to France just after the invasion of Normandy and spent the rest of his time there.

The return flight was scheduled at 9pm and we got to the airport early. An aisle was setup for all the veterans to walk down and get a homecomeing most of them never got when they returned from the war.

Grandma was in a wheelchair (it would be too long for her to stand). My mother-in-law picked up little flags for us. All in all, there were more than a dozen people there to welcome him home. Grandma's alzheimer's can sometimes make her give some funny responses. My husband asked her, "Do you know why you're sitting there, Grandma?" And she replied, "So I can be good." It made us laugh.

Later, when my mother-in-law moved the wheelchair closer to the welcoming line, she ran it over my husband's foot. My husband said to me, "She just ran over my foot again!" (She'd done it with a car last time and offered him a bandaid to make it better. Great family story that gets told repeatedly.)

The OSU Marching Band (and alumni band) were there to welcome them home. I was surprised to see several women on the return flight. My father-in-law went on the trip too to help out. It would've been nice for both of them if Grandpa's other kids could've been there too but it's difficult I think, when they live out of town, to arrange something they all get to do together.


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Oct. 14th, 2011 10:22 am (UTC)
Wow! That's really great. I hope your grandfather enjoyed his trip! It's great that we are taking the time to honor our WWII vets!
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