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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears. Oh my!

Literally. An hour and a half away is Zanesville. The city made the news recently because an exotic animal owner cut open several of the cages and let the animals loose before killing himself.

This happened in the evening. The calls to the police began coming and they went to the rescue. With little light left they were given orders to shoot on sight. A grizzly bear, three leopards, two monkeys and possibly a lion were captured and taken to the zoo. Eighteen Bengal Tigers were among the animals shot and later buried on the man's property.

While it was happening, the only way to keep from panicking was to laugh about it. Twitter handles for @ZanesvilleWolf, @ZanesvilleBear and @ZanesvilleLion went live. The best jokes and one-liners was from @ZanesvilleLion. The newscrawl along the bottom of the screen on Tuesday night was surreal.

Schools around the man's home were closed. They didn't want to take chances a hungry animal was going to feed on a kid waiting for the bus.

I feel bad for those animals. They probably didn't have the best life and he sent them off to be murdered without hope of going to somewhere equipped to handle them.

It's too close right now but you know this is going to find its way into a story.

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