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NC Trip Day 1

My father-in-law drove us from Columbus to Durham yesterday. My mother-in-law and I both take naps during drives so it's not good to expect us to do a lot of driving.

I got the accurate story about Grandpa in WWII. Right before he shipped out, Grandma went to Little Rock, Arkansas to say goodbye. She brought #2 son and was pregnant with their third child. After saying goodbye he was sent to Germany. It was just after the Battle of the Bulge. So all the big battles there were over. He was stationed in Germany as a POW camp guard. They were talking about shipping all of them off to Japan when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. After the war was declared over, Grandpa was one of the first to leave Germany. He had a new baby girl at home. The commanding officer gave them 15 minutes to get packed and shipped out. Men with three or more children were sent home first.

I knew my father-in-law was drafted for Vietnam but didn't pass the physical. He was color blind and had polio as a kid. So I asked about his brother. Turns out he signed up for the National Guard. He did the training and was told he had to go to the monthly meetings. He didn't. Then he was told if he didn't go to the meetings he would be put on active duty. You can guess what happened next. They put him on active duty. In Maryland. And his job was to check out and distribute hand guns to the officers when they did target practice. There wasn't a lot if target practice going on so he had a lot of time to kill. That's how he got good at poker.

When you're stuck in a car with family they'll tell all kinds of stories. I mentioned my upcoming knitting class and found out my mother-in-law knew how to knit at one time. she also took a cake decorating class. She doesn't really remember doing any knitting projects and she never used anything from the cake decorating class.

My 6-month-old niece has blonde curly hair now. Her features are petite. My 6-year-old nephew grew since we saw him in June. He is about 3 feet tall and I have no doubt I'll be looking up at him one day. Youngest nephew (4 years) is talking much more than he used to.

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Oct. 25th, 2011 10:18 am (UTC)
you're so right about car journeys and people opening up about things. there's a good scenario for many a story, i'm sure.
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