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NC Trip Day 2

I was so tired that I felt like I was sleeping in my seat on the couch when the adults decided it was time for bed. Woke up a few times to crying niece. At one point I could hear my sister-in-law yelling out of frustration at the crying baby with a house full of people.

Set my alarm for 7pm though I thought I set it for 7am. Didn't sleep too late because nephews and bro-in-law were up. Nephews were trying to be quiet but it didn't work. Oldest nephew who had a fever on Friday was feeling much better.

Boys had soccer games and I was excited to see them play. Although youngest refuses to go out onto the field. :) The plan was to take them to their games and leave immediately for the beach. It is almost 8:45am. Everyone's had breakfast. Sister-in-law is still in pajamas. Brother-in-law moves the kids seats into the minivan and is going to sit on the floor. No room for fat me. Figured he should have some alone time with his parents so I stay behind.

I watch the niece. She's quite pleasant and generally keeps herself busy. Sister-in-law works on getting clothes packed for the trip but we chat once in a while. Eventually niece crawls to sister-in-law and is put into a back pack thing. I read.

Youngest nephew returns home. Brother-in-law packs his stuff, works out and makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Youngest nephew is trying to play with me and his sister. He's too rough with her. I'm shocked he just puts his face all over her. Brother-in-law takes him to return to the soccer field to pick up the rest of the family.

Oldest nephew scored a goal. Madness ensues. Brother-in-law finishes making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone and the second car going with us gets packed. It probably takes 2 hours but feels like forever. Brother-in-law declares we're ready to leave but the boys have to try to go to the restroom. Youngest refuses. Eventually we give up on him and leave. The original ETA was 3:30pm. I predict we will be lucky if we get there by 6pm.

I feel like we've wasted an entire day.

Finally we get on the road. Brother-in-law refuses to go the way the GPS tells us to go. Traffic is at a standstill. Mind you, he doesn't have the GPS. It's in my in-laws minivan. We take side roads through Old Durham which is starting to become a revitalized area. Then we start going somewhere. We see lots of cotton fields. And one turkey farm. They are packed in and we talk about how they probably have a miserable existence.

About 40 minutes away we stop at a gas station to let my mother-in-law walk around. The inside smells like cigarette smoke although it said no smoking. The ladies restroom has a longer wait and the attendant is quite chatty about my niece. My in-law and the woman talk about their grandchildren. At one point the attendant calls me the grandmother. I want to scratch her eyes out. And then she proceeds to tell us how she made a comment about another baby that was in there. She found out the woman she mistook for the grandmother at 62 was the mother. After being burned once she should probably know not to make assumptions but obviously she didn't learn any lessons.

We get back into the cars and head to the rental office. They close at 5pm and we arrive at 5:15pm. We've never arrived late and no one knows what to do. The emergency phone number reaches a staff member on vacation in Europe. It takes 3 adults to figure out the lockbox with the keys for late arrivals isn't locked. We joke about how townies who know that trick can get to stay at beach houses for nothing.

At the beach house, my nephews run out of the car and down to the beach. They are too excited to see the cricket in my room. We follow them down and after a bit tell them to return inside. There are chores to be done. Oldest nephew helps by distributing soap, toilet paper and towels. Youngest nephew hogs his sister's toys. My mother-in-law is thankful we made it to the beach in one piece. Brother-in-law even says getting the boys packed and on the way was more chaotic than usual and was probably the worst they've been.

We have salad and Whole Foods pizza for dinner. Niece cries upstairs for several hours. I go to Food Lion with my in-laws to get the additional things I need for my dinner night. I'm making a sausage and white bean soup with apple crisp for dessert.

Boys get bedtime stories. The house next door starts letting off fireworks. We hope they end soon.

Chat with my in-laws for a bit and then we all head to bed. I get frustrated the wifi connection sucks. I get to maybe one page and then can't go any further. Maybe the problems I had 2 years ago wasn't just an old laptop that couldn't keep a battery charged.

Highlight of the day? Talking with my husband for a half hour before falling asleep.
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