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NC Trip Day 3

Tried to sleep in until 8:30am but only made it to 7:30am. Took a shower and ate cereal while brother-in-law made eggs and toast for the boys. Discover a daddy long legs on the ceiling. I let it be, unlike the cricket who met his demise in the early morning hours.

Niece looks cute. She's put on the floor to crawl around so she'll go number 2. In-laws trickle down the stairs. Mother-in-law picks up niece although I explained why she was crawling. They go outside to the deck. After a half hour of this, they return. Immediately after being set on the ground so she can crawl, niece begins to cry. Sister-in-law takes her upstairs and isn't seen again.

Nephews, brother-in-law and I head to the beach. They go exploring. I lie on my towel. Flies keep biting me. Father-in-law sets up the umbrella and chairs. Mother-in-law doesn't want sun but comes down to the beach and impersonates her mother-in-law (Grandma). Sandals, jeans, short-sleeved t-shirt and three towels on her. It's almost as if she'll go up in flames if the sun touches her.

Eventually boys and brother-in-law return. It becomes a project to put up a tent for them to play under.

I'm tired of the biting flies so I go back up to the house. I sit for a bit and read before going inside. I try the LAN connection to the direct internet connection but no luck. Want to shoot the wifi router and the cable modem. I don't mind being cut off from the internet (except my phone) but it's how I've planned on keeping in touch with my husband.

I watch my niece who is supposed to be napping. My sister-in-law changes the baby's diaper (my nose must not be working) and takes her to the beach with the others.

I read until it's naptime at 4pm. Napped until 5pm then watched most of Robin Hood with my nephews. Dinner was black bean burritos with zucchini. The boys were told they couldn't finish the movie and had to color or play until bedtime.

After all the kids were put to bed, my brother-in-law and father-in-law watched blue planet in one room while I talked with their wives. Around 10pm they all went to bed. I talked with my husband and finished the last two episodes in Season 1 of The IT Crowd.
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