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NC Trip Day 4

For some reason I woke up at 6am from a weird dream. I made myself fall back asleep. One of my goals this vacation was to sleep in until 8:30am each day which hasn't happened yet.

The builders on the new house next door arrived around 7am. Mostly loud trucks but the occasional buzzsaw was heard.

Another day at the beach. We had waffles for breakfast.

I was left at the house with my SIL and niece while the others went into town. They stopped at a playground and a fish market. At the fish market they bought some shrimp (supposedly for fishing) and some clams. Shocker of all shockers, they went through the McDonald's drive-thru where my FIL got coffee and MIL got sweet tea. The boys only got water but I think that's all they were allowed to have from the menu.

When they got back we had lunch. Mostly leftovers. We had steamed clams and my BIL made over a pound of shrimp which my nephews mostly ate. I went down to the beach to read. My BIL and nephews fished and body surfed. Before I left because the flies got to be too much, my oldest nephew caught some kind of spotted fish. SIL was told by a fisherman that the flies were blown in from the bay.

I took a bath, napped and got up to make dinner. Mild Italian Sausage White Bean Soup and Apple Crisp for dessert. Apparently neither of the boys is crazy about soup. But I scored points for the apple crisp. I've given the recipe to my SIL since even my BIL liked it.

While I was browning the Italian Sausage, I asked my oldest nephew who was on the salt and pepper shakers. He said, "Roy Rogers." I asked, "Do you know what his horse was named?" He said, "No." I said, "Well, some people would tell you it's Tony the Horse but his name was Trigger." My nephew laughed and knew who I was talking about. He said, "You can't trust your Poppa but you can always trust your Aunt Amber. She doesn't lie." Well, he knows I don't tease them like my FIL. :)

My MIL and I cleaned up, my FIL read, and the rest went for a walk on the beach. After the boys were put to bed, I read while the rest of the adults watched one of the discs for Blue Planet. Done at 10pm they went upstairs to bed.

I snuck a bag of popcorn and set the dishwasher to run.
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