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NC Trip Day 5

Almost made it - woke up at 8:15am today.

Today was pancakes. It may seem a little strange that I write so much about food. It's an important part of our family vacations. My BIL tries to buy and eat organic/local as much as he can. I always seem to lose weight and I expect to do so even more this year. Before, pancakes and waffles were normal white flour (and with blueberries if they were fancy ones). Now they are a multigrain recipe approved by BIL and SIL. One special treat the boys are getting with a dinner this year is a bottle of soda. My MIL brought frozen chicken and pork from Whole Foods in Ohio in a cooler so she could respect my BIL's wishes. And they made at least 3 trips to the Whole Foods in Durham on Friday and Saturday. (One year we ordered pizza from a local shop. Not organic. Never happening again, apparently.)

I can totally see how and why they are slim people while I'm obese. But damn it! A hamburger and fries tastes good! I commented to my husband earlier this week I feel like I'm the tag along on someone else's family vacation. My MIL and FIL have said they will do things with me or if I want to do something to let them know and they will make it happen.

The boys were playing and I was reading in the tv/reading room when I realized my SIL was reading from one of her religious books. From what I heard, the author was stating that you had to give up things you were addicted to in order to become a better person and have a better relationship with G. It could be magazines, tv, the internet, drinking, etc. And then the adults had a discussion about it. SIL could say she was addicted to coffee but she didn't feel like she was and it wasn't getting in the way of anything she wanted to do. FIL brought up how it's the willingness to sacrifice that's important. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son. And BIL mentioned the rich man who wouldn't give up all his money. BIL and SIL went to a finance group at church and were told to max out their 401K savings though they only contribute 3%. SIL feels the predicted value of their 401K is sufficient for them to live on and maxing out your 401K is a form of hoarding and not healthy.

So what I took from this (and I tweeted about it) is that my husband's wish for the iPhone 4S is going to get in the way between him and his relationship with G-. And my interest in technology is also unhealthy... but I'm always the one they go to for help when they need assistance.

I finished Bloodshot by Cherie Priest today.

Low tide on the other end of the island is supposed to result in tidepools. BIL decided they would take the kids there today to see stuff. He packed up a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and corralled everyone together. It was dicey if SIL was going to get to go since my niece was still napping and needed to feed soon. But she woke up in time so they put the other car seat inside and took the minivan.

Meanwhile, I'm here eating leftover soup and writing my LJ entry for the day (so far).


Everyone returned to the house. The tidal pools were low and didn't have many sea creatures. The people by that side of the island said the hurricane a few months back brought the flies and crickets. My parents-in-law went to the grocery store.

The boys and BIL went to the beach. SIL made popcorn and we planned on going down for a walk. BIL came bursting into the house and told us the dolphins from yesterday were back. But there were more, they were closer to land, and they were jumping high. So we rushed to the walkway where we saw clumps of them jumping in and out of the water.

We then went for our walk. My niece was in a backpack on SIL's chest and really trying to stay awake. BIL and the nephews joined us. We found the fisherman from yesterday and he conversed with my BIL.

After walking back, the boys got to watch the beginning of Toy Story which they've never seen. They don't have a tv at home so oldest nephew is always grabbing the tv remote and turning it on. MIL made dinner tonight. Parmesan encrusted chicken with asparagus and baked sweet potato. The boys got their soda and drank half. They'll finish the rest tomorrow.

After the kids were put to bed we played Mexican Train. I won the first 3 rounds, my BIL won the 4th. My MIL was falling asleep at the table.
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