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NC Trip Day 6

After breakfast, I read. My BIL took the kids to the beach for a walk or something and when they were on the way back, my oldest nephew complained his foot hurt. My BIL thought it was a jellyfish sting. Since no one has been able to connect to the house wifi and BIL's laptop was upstairs, my SmartPhone went to the rescue. Soaked his foot in the only vinegar we had - apple cider. I wanted some asparagus to roast after smelling it. A small bee or wasp was buzzing around the ceiling so SIL killed it and BIL revised his original belief and thought it was an insect sting.

Nephew lived although there were many complaints about his foot in the vinegar.

It was decided we needed some stuff for dinner tonight. BIL told kids to get into their car seats even though he hadn't found his wallet yet. I opened the minivan door for them and youngest crawled right into his car seat. Oldest decided to play with the button to open the garage door. After opening and closing it several times, just when I was about to tell him he needed to get into the car, he ran underneath it while it was closing. I opened it up, found a construction worker who pointed in the direction he went and I was after the kid. He was in big trouble with me. I ran around the house, up the stairs, into the house, didn't see him on the main floor, was told he went to the second floor so I looked for him and then didn't find him so returned all the way down to the garage. I figured he was okay but with the construction workers next door and different cars parked in the driveway someone could run him over and not notice or just take him. He was with his brother inside the minivan just playing in the backseat. I explained to him how unsafe it was to do that and he told me his dad let him do it all the time. And I explained why we can't always count on the safety light, so on and so forth. BIL, MIL and FIL all get into the minivan and we leave. Oldest nephew asks if he can take care of the door. BIL says he can. So he hops out of the minivan, presses the button, runs like heck and jumps back into the minivan. So, I guess he does let the 6-year-old do that all the time. (They have a car port at home.)

We drove to the other end of the island so the kids could play at the park. Then we stopped at Food Lion. A trip to the fish market to buy shrimp was the last stop and then we returned to the beach house.

BIL took the nephews to the beach and while talking with my SIL and MIL I'm asked what happened. So I told the story. SIL rolled her eyes and said, "He's been so bad lately not listening to adults. He knows when we're not around the adult who is around is in charge. I asked (my husband) what started it all and he didn't know. I can't believe he then let him run underneath the garage door like that."

As I'm not a parent I can only say raising kids has to be difficult.

I tried to take a nap at 3:50pm but sleep never came. Until dinner I pretty much read more of Jenny Pox by JL Bryan. We had shrimp linguine and sauted kale.

The kids were given their bedtime stories and so forth. SIL worked on a knitted hat for my niece to wear next winter. BIL surfed the internet on his laptop (he has a verizon mobile card for his laptop so he can still get connected). FIL and I both read.

Talked to my lovely husband who seems a little lost without me but he's taking good care of Sammy. As I expected, he's eating out all the time. Since he was done with all his work engagements I told him he could take a plane here but his boss is out of town for the rest of the week. Because there are two of them in his immediate department someone kind of needs to be there.
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