dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

NC Trip Day 7

It was multigrain pancakes for breakfast.

Another beautiful day at the beach. We went to the beach in the morning. I splashed around in the waves with my nephews. Later I put my prescription goggles on and while I never put my head underwater I was able to see clearly into the water and to the sand just like wearing regular glasses. That was neat. And of course I forgot to bring my SPF50 bottle with me to reapply it and I burned.

I read and the boys played games and built a house out of sofa cushions. Read some more. Then BIL took FIL and the boys to another end of the island at low tide to see if there were any tide pools.

I took a nap. MIL was making cranberry glazed pork tenderloin for dinner and it was in the oven. SIL was trying to get niece to sleep.

I woke up in time for dinner. It was good! Green beans with sesame seeds and roasted red skins. I nearly hurt myself with all the food I ate.

After the kids were in bed, BIL and FIL watched a Planet Earth section. The women played scrabble. My SIL beat me by 100 points because we were generous with the scoring. Like MIL played RIND so later SIL played GRIND and even later she played GRINDS so she got points for the same word twice on more than one occasion. I was busting out little words (ZEE, QI, and XI) that packed some points.
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