dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

1st Knitting Project - Done!

My very first project from start to finish is completed. A Kermit the Frog Green hat with a white stripe. Very cute, even if it is a little lumpy.

While I was on vacation in North Carolina, the grandparents were staying with their daughter in Florida. Grandpa's memory hasn't been all that great lately but he seemed to have a good time there. Grandma was sick when they left and seemed to get better but them got worse.

They came back a few days earlier than planned (about a week before Thanksgiving instead of just before) and Grandma went straight into the hospital. She was dehydrated and was finally diagnosed with e. coli. Husband and I went to see her the day after Thanksgiving. She was kind of out of it and leaning over to one side in bed. Eventually she told us her neck hurt. After she let my husband straighten her out, she seemed much more aware of things and who we were. She's not ready for hospice yet - she's dying but not actively dying. She went to an assisted living facility on Saturday but we haven't seen her new digs yet.

Thanksgiving was kind of weird with only Grandpa. They're a pair like me and my husband. :)

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