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Husband had his work holiday party yesterday. It was at a nearby wine store with drinks. Afterwards he went to a local bar with some co-workers. There was a knitting group there.

This is funny because last week I checked out "Pints and Purls" from the library. He asked what it was about. "Drinkin' and Knittin', Knittin' and Drinkin'" He didn't believe me.

Earlier this month I was introduced to the second Marcel the Shell and Marcel has some pointed things to say about the dog. Obviously they've been picked up at my house. So randomly you'll hear "I can smell his face" when talking about Sammy. If you haven't seen either on YouTube they are funny.

Last night I saw KILLERS which was just about as bad as I thought it would be.

Husband came home late and Sammy didn't like it. It was really funny when Sammy was growling at my husband. As my husband got closer to the bedroom door, Sammy's growling slowed down.

I set the alarm for 6:30am so I could clean before the cleaning service came by. I think I got out at 7:15am and have been running late all day.

Tonight I finish wrapping stuff for the family and I am going to bed early.

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