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Steven Tyler

Tonight we had some high school kids come to work to learn about our department. Before the presentation started, one boy was asking another if he knew why Steven Tyler was famous. The first answer was American Idol judge. Second answer was musician. Upon further questioning it was revealed to be Aerosmith. Then they starting talking about how the new Oprah show is her visiting people in their homes. The one couldn't believe she spent 2 hours with Steven Tyler.

It was random to overhear and funny.

The talkative one of the group said his dad has an old television with the foot wide back (ala tube) and his dad gets upset when the picture is letterboxed. He tells his dad it's better but his dad grumbles. I'm probably the same age as his dad. And my dad grumbles about the same thing and is almost 70.

If my parents lived in an actual city we'd totally buy them a real tv. And by real tv (we have a Sony Wega) I mean one that has real colors.

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