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Random Thoughts

While with friends last week we saw Old School. The color of the tv was at first horrible. There was an unexplainable green cast to everything until my husband fixed it. I nearly laughed out loud at my thought, "I like the red cast on my tv." As I'm sure I've already mentioned, we don't get an accurate color on ours. It's a mixed blessing. On the one hand, we don't ever get to truly appreciate the things we watch and we get an inside joke. On the other hand, we would have a more active social life and would be expected to clean more frequently than we do.

We used to have a "movie club" mainly comprised of people my husband used to work with. Every month or every other month we'd go to someone's apartment (a few of us now have homes) for a meal and a movie. Meals were usually themes and went with the movie. Sometimes we'd have it be potluck but the thing most people would bring would be their own drinks. It's less scary to shell out $15 for beer when you know if you don't like it that someone else might.

In addition, we had a few Oscar parties. We'd place our ballots and then see who guessed correctly the most amount of winners. My husband even gave out prizes.

Sometimes I miss things like that.

One of my employees has a Live Journal. I wonder sometimes if he'll ever come across mine. Would he be able to figure out who I'm talking about from work?

My husband has been playing some online poker tournaments as of late. He's been in second place most of the time so he brings in an extra $5 or so a week from it. I am glad that he's having fun. I don't dare tell his mom as she would freak out. She has been worried that he'll become a member of Gambler's Anonymous ever since he mentioned that he started playing poker. Since we've gotten several family members interested in Texas Hold'Em we might give out a copy of Phil Gordon's tips for the Celebrity Poker Showdown.

My problem employee commented yesterday that I was in a really good mood and that some people had commented it was "short-timers disease". I told her it wasn't. Earlier in the week I had told her that our boss was interested in restructuring the department. What I didn't tell her is that four of us met on Thursday (had lunch at Roadhouse Grill) for an hour and discussed the problems with the present structure and what would need to be accounted for in the new structure. It's just a breath of fresh air to be listened as it makes the growing 5-ton weight on my shoulders feel like less.

I'm really started to get annoyed. I've been awake for an hour and the phone has rung four times. A message was left once from my mother. Don't people leave messages? I have to walk all the way downstairs to determine if it's someone I want to talk to or not. :)

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