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Weekend Update

Great weekend. Friday night took a nap and don't remember a thing about what we did afterwards.

Saturday I roasted a chicken for lunch. Then we went to see Chico and Rita. Dinner was Graffiti Burger. Sunday I learned of two more ways to get my Michael Symon fix. There's a show on The Cooking Network which I haven't seen yet. Another is Symon's Comfort Foods which rocked my world! He was at Barbuto (where my husband and I had a magical dinner last spring) and Jonathan Waxman showed him how to make his famous roast chicken and potato side dish. I kinda knew how to make the chicken. The recipe has been published in a few places. I am just used to roasting my chicken whole instead of in halves. I saw Symon do another version of the potato side dish on The Chew so I already had an idea how to make it. This gave away an herb secret which I didn't know about. I am leery of deep frying on a gas stove. I've been stocking up on duck fat so we'll see.

Had yummy French toast at Le Chatelaine, picked up an eclair and baguette for later. Saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Fell asleep a few times as it was nap time but I was able to keep up with it. :) Made a yummy lemon cream sauce pasta for dinner using the rest of Saturday's roast chicken.

Lots of yummy things to eat today, apparently.

Finished Loose Ends by Terri Reid which I enjoyed.

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