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Sammy is Smart (and Desperate)

Last night Sammy once again showed off his brains. Zilla used to nose his plastic water dish around to let us know it was empty. Sammy has a double metal set of bowls that sit in a frame. Until he develops thumbs or figures out how to dump everything over, they are not going to move.

Usually when he's thirsty he runs upstairs and disappears for a while. We're supposed to figure out he's hanging over the side of the bathtub waiting for a drink from the faucet.

On occasion, we have gotten the memo. Last night we heard odd slurping sounds coming from the kitchen. My husband snuck in and found Sammy drinking out of a watering can that was set on the kitchen floor. I guess he decided that was a good source.

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Jan. 31st, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
Ein will intentionally bang his ID tag and rabies vaccination tag against the side of one of his water bowls when it is empty and he wants it filled! Usually he waits until I am using the bathroom to notify me!

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