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A Month of Letters Challenge Update #1

1/31/2012 – I printed off the Challenge Calendar to plan the recipients of my letters. And I printed off the participant stamp page so I could include the challenge stamp with the letters.

My stationary is kept in two places. I took inventory and realized I have hardly any! I have less than a dozen note cards. At the grocery store I scoped out what they had but it was mostly Thank You cards. Because I don’t have any sticker paper, I bought a glue stick to place my participant stamps.

2/1/12 – While I did send out several bills (which I don’t count) I did not get to send out anything personal.

2/2/12 – Today I wrote and sent a letter to one of my oldest friends who lives elsewhere in the Midwest.

2/3/12 – I was going to send out a postcard today and realized I have no postcards. So I ordered postage paid postcards and stamps from the USPS web site.

2/4/12 – Nothing went out in today’s mail. But I purchased some note cards and cards at my local Hallmark store.

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