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The Movies

I've not had a good streak with movies this weekend. Friday night I saw The Other Woman which was a heartbreaking drama. Then on Saturday I saw A Separation which was another heartbreaking drama. After seeing those two back to back, I'm going to need something light and funny.

They were both good and heartbreaking but if I see a third one I may end up in a permanent depression.

I saw some good trailers on Saturday. I walked in during Jeff Who Lives at Home so I can't say whether or not it gives too much away. The other one I remember is Friends With Kids. Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm are a couple again (like in Bridesmaids) but he's not such a jerk. Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd are a couple too. Since Bridesmaids I watched Chris O'Dowd in The IT Crowd and I've started crushing on him a little.

A few weekends ago I saw The Secret Life of Arietty which is another Studio Ghibli film which didn't disappoint.