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A Month of Letters Challenge – The Wrap-Up

I had my weekly updates in draft form and decided to just sum everything up and get it posted since the challenge ended on February 29th. :)

The challenge was to send an item each day the post office was open. For February that was 21 days. I never counted bills so I ended up sending out 11 items.

  • 2 post cards to complete strangers.
  • 1 post card and a note to internet friends.
  • 7 cards/notes to friends and family.
  • 1 knitted bunny for a birthday present. :)

What was I hoping to accomplish? On one level it was to brighten someone’s day. On another level it was to develop a new relationship or deepen an already existing one.

What, if anything, did I learn? It can be difficult writing to strangers unless you  have some common ground. Notes can be too short if you want to really say something. My notes make more sense if I concentrate on one topic or mentally plan what I want to convey. Otherwise, I end up crossing out a lot of things.

Will I continue sending letters? Or do the challenge next year? Yes and yes. I recently watched the first season of Downton Abbey and was struck by how the letters they sent and received were able to shape the storyline. There’s no reason why continued, regular correspondence can’t let the people I care about know I’m thinking of them.

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