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Parisian Macaroon

A few years ago I had my first taste of a parisian macaroon. Nutty and light with a hint of sweetness. It seemed an impossible task to learn how to make it. Only one place I know of in town actually makes them. And those are the ones I've had. So far.

A family-owned French restaurant holds cooking classes once in a while. On our last visit there a few months ago I picked up a little flyer listing their classes. The macaroon (or macaron if you're French) was one of them. I kept the flyer but forgot about it until I can came across the flyer again last week. The class was limited to 10 so I didn't think there would be any openings. I called on Friday and someone had cancelled on Thursday. I was in luck!

Saturday was a rainy, dreary day and my sinuses were not making me feel well. Sometimes my medical issues make me depressed and it was one of those days. I hadn't paid my money yet so I wouldn't be out anything if I didn't go. I knew it would be in my best interest to attend. For years I've wanted to learn how to make them.

My husband encouraged me and went. I was the last person (and only a few minutes late). Apparently even with a small class, they overbooked and five people didn't show up. That left about eleven of us there.

The class was led by the head chef (aka one of the sons) and the general manager (aka the daughter). They were entertaining and full of information. You could tell Tad really enjoys cooking and Charlotte likes to goad her brother on. Almost entirely unrelated to the class was the use of the "big boy" to torch the meringue so we could taste it! We learned how to make the cookie part (which includes an Italian meringue), and a fruit filling.

My cookies weren't the prettiest but they are tasty! We made little macaroons (mine have a raspberry filling) and big macaroons (mine have strawberry filling). Since there was so much stuff left over some people took home extra containers of the almond flour. I got two containers of the raspberry and strawberry filling.

This class is kind of pushing me to make the leap into a Kitchenaid stand mixer. The meringue would be easier to make in one. Otherwise, my husband and I would need to make it together. And with Sammy being the way he is when I use the mixer, neither of us would be free to throw him treats. I gave some to my next door neighbors and she offered me the use of hers so I could see if I'd like one or how much I might use one.

The really nice thing about the class was for a few hours I was completely taken up with a task that took me out of myself and my problems.

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