dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

My Day

I went to work. Walked Sammy. Found out one neighbor has replaced 25 windows and 3 doors since moving into their house 13 years ago. They still have 3 windows in a back bedroom to do. It's the only house on the street with a handicap parking sign on the street. Found out the husband has Parkinson's. He just had some eye surgery which didn't go as well as they'd hoped so they offered to do it again. Another neighbor had eye surgery for a detached retina. If it weren't for Sammy I wouldn't know so many neighbors. 

The alternative school down the street (K-8) had a carnival tonight. Thought I'd get to go with my husband. But he came home grumpy from work around 7pm. He was willing to go but I knew he'd rather put on his shorts and sit on the front porch so I let him do that instead.

No other plans for tonight. I haven't even thought about dinner.
Tags: food, sammy

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