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More Choices

Last week my husband hooked up the Amazon prime account with the PS3. So now we can watch streaming movies or tv series through them. The "Cancelled Too Soon" category cracked me up. With the exception of two series I'd never heard of, the rest were all shows I watched regularly.

I'm sure one weekend when I'm alone I'll indulge myself in visiting with my old friends from The Real World: London cast. It's one of the few older seasons available through Amazon Prime.

Saturday saw Bernie and today saw 21 Jump Street. One of the things I enjoyed about Bernie was the casting. Richard Linklater used people who look like real people. He's a Texan who loves to tell Texas stories. Afterwards, we had lunch at Wildflower Cafe. In front of the store in the next parking lot was a group of shirtless young teenage boys blowing bubbles and horsing around. I commented to my husband, "Look, a scene from Dazed and Confused."

I'm no Channing Tatum fan but 21 Jump Street was pretty funny. He and Jonah Hill did a good job. The ending leaves it open for a sequel but is also a good joke.
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