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This time I really need to find a new groomer for Sammy. He's always so energetic and happy when he gets there and when he leaves. Sometimes he's a little quiet the next day. Or acts like he has a UTI.

Now he's acting nuts. Like I'm worried and considering a vet appointment for him nuts. Yesterday morning he was his same scared of the recycling trucks self. When I got home and opened up his crate he just laid there or sat watching me. After an hour I finally had enough and I convinced him to walk. Instead of hiking his leg (which he always does) he squatted like Zilla to urinate. Our walk was slow and brief.

Once home he mostly laid in other rooms. He took the treat I gave him and put it on his blanket. He only barked when my husband got home or when my husband hugged me. No reaction to the phone.

This morning he is hanging out under the bed. We got up a half hour ago but he's not had his walk yet.

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