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Funny Thing

A really funny thing happened the other night.

I took a nap for 30 minutes before we went to the movies.

"Honey, I can buy you a lot of popcorn!"
"Good. Were you playing poker?"
"I won $90!"

Later that night he lost it all. He came to bed at 2:30am while I had been asleep for hours.

"I've got more money for you!"
"Did you win again?"
"I'm ahead by $62."

It's so cute to hear his excitement. I haven't been playing EverQuest on Sunday nights because he has his regular online poker game with friends. Lately he's been playing the dime or dollar tables. I just can't bring myself to play with real money yet. Maybe after I get done with Phil Gordon'sbook I will, but right now I'm just having fun with the game. :)

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