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More Catch Up

More about Saturday. Saturday night I performed a wedding in EQ. One of my guild members married an alternate of another guild member. Sometimes it is confusing keeping all of this straight in my head. :) The ceremony was one of the shortest to date. I got to role-play and chat with my friend ~M~ and then when my husband was done watching his movie we watched Big Brother together.

I think Will and Karen are getting paranoid about Adria and Natalie being in the house. I was somewhat surprised about the nomination of Will but I can see how Adria didn't want Karen to fall apart all week. The alliance between the three sets of twins could be a winner. Only time will tell, right? Tonight is the veto competition. I never really wonder about who will be voted out until after the veto competition.

Sunday we went grocery shopping, did some chores around the house and watched Sweet Sweetback's Baad Assssss Song. I thought it was okay as a movie. From a cultural viewpoint it's rather raw and powerful. Even today I have a hard time believing that people can experience some of those things. And why did Sweetback have sex with every woman he met? I liked the use of shadows and the editing.