dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

The Spiderwick Chronicles

This week I saw The Spiderwick Chronicles and noticed many similarities between it and the urban fantasy I've been working off and on for the past few years. Huh.

Today I raked up enough leaves to fill up 3 or 4 leaf bags. I've had 6 bags of Halloween candy in the house for the past week. All have gone untouched. Although of course I bought 2 bags today of candy I like and promptly add 4 fun size 100 Grand bars as a reward for raking the leaves.

Last Sunday I went to my mom's house with the intention of staying the night. So I brought Sammy with me. Unfortunately, my mom accidentally poked him in the eye so we left and went to the emergency vet. It looked like a slight indolent ulcer was there so he's been coned since then. The opthamologist saw Sammy Thursday, did a keratotomy on him and asked to see him again in 2 weeks. She said he's one of the best she's seen get around with his cone. It certainly doesn't stop him when he wants to do something.
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