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I had a few things to do while I was on staycation this week.
1. Clean the office.
2. Hopefully clean the guest bedroom.
3. Go to the movies.
4. Clear my clothes pile.

Well, progress was made on everything even if it didn't all get done. Once upon a time, before the desktop computer became unbearably slow, I would login every other week to update quicken and my husband would sweep away Sammy's hair from the floor. Since we have someone come in and clean the downstairs once I month, I think my husband has only swept the office floor once or twice. It's become a dumping ground for paperwork of all kinds. There are still some semi-unpacked boxes from our move to the house. I didn't touch the boxes but pretty much everything else is off of the floor. Tomorrow the dog hair gets swept up.

The guest bedroom has become a bit of a dumping ground. When stuff in the dining room needs cleaned up once a month, the papers and mail get put into a bag and placed in the guest bedroom. And when I clean clothes and bring them upstairs in the morning (while my husband is still asleep) I put them on the bed. I cleared out about half of the stuff. This was a project added at the last minute when my husband complained he couldn't lay out his clothes before packing them.

I went to the movies! I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Argo. I wanted to see ParaNorman but it's in the dollar threater and I may not get to see it tomorrow.

My husband said he felt bad about his clothes pile until he realized I had one too. So it's almost gone.
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