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I Live!

Somehow I managed to live through November. It was difficult.

I gave up watching Pom Poko so I could write some more. I did not have much of a plan. Originally I was going to do Community fan fiction. Then I had a dream about this creepy house a few weeks beforehand and I changed my mind. I set about writng a bunch of short stories about the creepy haunted house. But I did not do a layout of the house or the rooms which really would've been helpful.

I have two possible short stories with something to them. They definitely have potential. A third one could be something with more work.

But when I ran out of events and rooms I had to do something else. And I turned to journaling. Which was crazy. And it drove me crazy. I got myself worked up about a few things and found myself wallowing in a pit of despair.

In order to get out of it, I had to turn to fiction writing again. On NEW GIRL one of the characters is obsessed with writing a zombie novel and finally does it. I took it on which took me out of myself and was really cheesy to write. It was fun.
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