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Holidays are Here

I've been tearing through books like they are going out of style. I haven't updated my books read list in the last 2 months. I need to get on that.

Movie watching has stalled. Husband has been really busy. I joked with him last night I won't get to see him again until Saturday when we have dinner with out next door neighbors.

Tickets went on sale for Fleetwood Mac in April and we have tickets for us and a neighbor/friend/coworker. I guess I better learn some of their songs between now an then.

Saturday was the extended family Christmas get together. My dad dropped my mom off at our house that afternoon. I took her to the store to get some gifts for my dad. And we went to a local craft show which I thought was fun. Then we went to my in-laws for the party.

Mother-Daughter relationships are complicated. She has radiology brain from her cancer treatments and it can make it difficult to have the same conversation every day of the week with her. And since she lives in the country and considers herself a social person the environment is hard on her. They only have basic tv (not even basic cable) and only go out to meet friends once every few months. Last week she heard a beeping after my dad went to work. The carbon monoxide detector went off and she called the fire department. It took them 25 minutes to get there. It all turned out okay. The detector was old.

But on the phone and at least twice in person she told me about it and lamented how her neighbors are awful people and no one called to check on her or see if she needed a cup of coffee to talk about what happened. Since her house was built at least four more houses have gone up. And even if all her neighbors were home they aren't always going to notice something going on. (When my husband stopped by a few months ago the radio or tv was so loud she didn't hear him at the door. Of course the neighbors would never have their stuff too loud.) it's like sometimes she wants to play "oh woe is me" and I just can't buy into it. But I can't have the same conversation with her either if she is isn't going to listen.

Saturday after the party my husband put on his Christmas playlist and we put batteries into the new window lights with my mom. I think she had a good time doing it. We did discuss whether or not she wanted to go into a nursing home if she needed to and it was a good conversation.

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