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When we picked our house it was partly because we wouldn't have to do a lot of work on it. There are things that we are beginning to feel need to be addressed sooner rather than later. I made some phone calls in the last week and am now starting to get some feedback and phone calls back from the contractors.

The driveway has been starting to crumble and is really dangerous to walk on during the winter since it is on a slope. Figured out the foundation of the garage and driveway were done in one piece. Contractor has to cut the driveway by the garage, dig it out, and then repour the cement. About $3200.

An electrician is going to fix some of the outlets on Saturday (so grounded plugs from our electronics will work) & take a look at the dimmer switch which stopped working a few months ago. I am sure it will be a few hundred dollars. I can get a ballpark figure for replacing the electric box.

I love the screen doors on our French doors. I think they are original to the house. A trim carpenter is coming by Friday to take a look. I have a ballpark figure in my head of $10K. The poor screen/mesh parts are barely there & pieces of trim are coming off the frame. A person knocks on the frame & gets knocked in the head with a piece of wood.

I haven't started anything on the basement ceiling work yet. I figure the basement will need waterproofed & a new drain pipe first since the laundry line drain pipe is clay & disintegrating.

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