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I knew it!

So not long ago I had some of the outlets in the house switched over to 3 prong grounded things. When my husband got the tv back in place, he turned the PS3 on and it hummed. It was so bad, he turned it off. He did some research and then got the humming to stop. But we no longer had a picture on the PS3 or audio though we'd had it before. He reset it a few times and fiddled with some things with no results.

He told me he was ready to give up the PS3 and get a blu-ray player because neither of us use it much for games. I told him I thought it was a mistake for him to do that. Because the light was coming on I felt the resolution was messed up and we weren't able to see the picture.

After a few days I didn't hear or see anything else about it, so I ordered some of the original cables from ebay for $4. When I got home yesterday he was going through the setup menus on the PS3. He'd bought the same cables somewhere else and had it back.